Altar and Ambo

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The Altar

Our 8 sided mahogany altar with marble top.The eight panels, like the eight sides of our baptismal font, suggest the eighth day, the day of resurrection.

The 8 panels tell the story of “a grain of wheat”from the Gospel of St. John.

Our altar has a top that is constructed of Roman Travertine Marble. The side panels are hand carved from kiln dried Honduran mahogany.

altar panel

our mahogony ambo
The Ambo

The three panels tell the parable of the sower and the seed.   (Gospel of St. Matthew)

(See enlarged panels below)

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ambo – side 1

ambo – center

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ambo – side 2

Click to view a 12 minute Windows Media video showing the renovation of our sanctuary in 2001, the building of the raredos, new altar platform, and new tabernacle.